dry-rb at RedDotRubyConf 2016

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Next-generation Ruby web apps with dry-rb, rom-rb, and Roda

Thursday 23rd June, 2016

If you’ve ever yearned for more than the Rails way, come along and learn how a small set of tools and techniques can bring joy to your Ruby web app development, from the smallest beginnings through to the most complex of codebases. Discover how concepts like functional programming, immutability, strict typing, dependency injection and object composition can actually be easy and natural in Ruby (yes, really!), and how they will make your web app a pleasure to build, test and extend.


And be sure to check out Piotr Solnica’s upcoming book, Web Development with ROM and Roda!

Open source examples

Check out icelab/berg, a live, working example of a dry-web app, powering the brand-new Icelab company website.

Further reading

Tim has been blogging about “next-generation” Ruby apps for the past few months. Follow along to see some of the ideas from his talk in more detail:

Get involved!

Questions? Join our friendly dry-rb chat and rom-rb chat. We’d love to see you there!