dry-rb is a community

dry-rb is here to help you build better Ruby apps. Our collection of gems is growing and evolving, and we welcome your contributions!

We are committed to fostering a welcoming community. dry-rb adheres to a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in the dry-rb community, you are expected to abide by its terms. Please report unacceptable behavior to a core team member.

Core team

Day-to-day maintenance and overall direction of the dry-rb gems is handled by a core team. This group of long-term contributors evaluates issues and pull requests, manages releases, and contributes to major new features.

  • Piotr Solnica

    Piotr is a software consultant and an Open-Source hacker. He created rom-rb project and co-established dry-rb. Author of gems like dry-validation, dry-types and more. His jokes are now dry too.

  • Tim Riley

    Tim helps run Icelab, where the team has adopted dry-rb and rom-rb for their prime Ruby web stack. He’s particularly interested in improving (and talking about!) high-level web app architecture in Ruby.

  • Nikita Shilnikov

    Nikita has been programming in PL/SQL and Ruby for seven years, he came to dry-rb through rom-rb. Whenever you see a really weird behavior, feel free to ask him for help.

  • Luca Guidi

    Open Source author Ruby/Go (Hanami, Redis::Store, dry-rb). Backend Architect at Toptal.

  • You?

    dry-rb is a FOSS organisation, maintained by individuals working for free in their spare time, as such, we're always happy to welcome new contributors, if you'd like to help out you can look for issues tagged with "help-wanted" on any of our Github repositories.


Past Members